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Greifensteinerweg 4
39018 Terlan(o), BZ, Italy
Tel: 0039-0471-50-72-97
Fax: 0039-0471-20-42-46

Branch office Sede secondaria/Filiale
Handwerkerzone 11 Zona Artigianale 11
39030 Kiens/Ehrenburg, BZ, Italy 39030 Chienes/Casteldarne, BZ, Italia
Tel.: 0039-333-8741165 Tel.: 0039-333-8741165
Fax: 0039-0474-561991 Fax: 0039-0474-561991
E-Mail: E-Mail:

Our service business hours:
Monday-Friday: 08:00-12:00 am and 02:00-06:00 pm
Saturday: 08:00-12:00 am
24h Service (Italian): 0049-180535353325 (Toll free number)
24h Service (German): 0049-180535353323 (Toll free number)

CARIMPEX Sas is the main dealer of MAN trucks and busses in the Bolzano Province (Bolzano), Alto Adige,- Italy, since the foundation of MAN Italy in 1986. The Mayer-Kaibitsch familiy, how owns our companies, was previously active in the field of international road transport.

We rose the market share of MAN continously to around 14%. Simultaneously we expanded our service business. Because of our geographical position next to the Autostrada del Brennero motorway this was of strategic interest for MAN. CARIMPEX Sas proved to be a trusted partner

CARIMPEX Sas disposes of a super-equipped truck and bus workshop 12 repairmens and a very experienced senior-repairmen. We repair trucks of the brands MAN, ÖAF, ERF, and busses of the brands MAN, NEOPLAN, AUTODROMO und BREDA MENARINI. Additinonally, we are specialists for the repair of diesel and gas engines.

1998 we decided to separate the service and sales business and founded CARMAN Srl, who´s since then responsible for the purchase and sale of new and used trucks and busses.

CARMAN Srl has a web-presence since 1999 under Cause of the growing importance of the internet in our sector we decided in 2002 to create a new website for both new and used vehicles and to elaborate a new corporate identity.

Our aim with this website is to gain and maintain new customer relations internatlionally.

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